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  • As a fitness instructor I have read many many books on nutrition and healthy eating, this is one of the most useful books I have read, and one which I will be recommending to clients. This is an easy read with very useful advice. All backed up with additional research links if one wants to know more, and the author clearly has masses of experience. Healthy digestion is the cornerstone to a healthy life, and the links between oriental medicine and more well known nutritional guidelines are really well explained. This is no "fad" diet book but a book that should be recommended to everyone." review
  • "This book has made a remarkable difference in my quality of life. Enduring colitis flares for years, I have found that by following the guidelines for Warm foods, my symptoms have decreased to a large extent and I am most grateful. Written in a warm, conversational style, the information provided is presented in an easy-to-use format that is quite helpful when preparing a shopping list. I've recommended and shared this book with several close friends and fully expect that they will share also. Five stars of gratitude for this book and information!" Amazon review
  • "Superb read! Information written so simply and, with vitality being the goal, I am inspired to choose foods more warmly." Amazon Review
  • I found this book very helpful and full of practical knowledge that focuses on creating good eating habits in very simple ways. This is a good long-term investment in your overall health and a great alternative to fad diets. It explains the Oriental Medicine view of healthy digestion — or warm digestion in a very accessible way and gives simple advice that is easy to apply. It’s a quick read and is immediately applicable to your own life. It also addresses common misperceptions regarding salt, fats and oils and low-fat foods. If you've been avoiding these foods, definitely give this a read. I also liked the fact that it provides references for further reading. And there's also a nice section with remedies that you can easily find in your own kitchen. A great little book for your health! Amazon Review
  • The book does a great job in providing the reasons why to address nutritional changes ... and then provides plenty of examples to get me started. The lists of important considerations are useful in applying to my lifestyle. Amazon Review
  • As an acupuncturist I share this book with my patients to help explain the principles of Chinese Medical dietary therapy. It's a wonderful book and can transform your life if you take the time to apply the advice here. Amazon Review