The Key to Infant Nutrition is a comprehensive guide to transitioning your baby to eating solid food and setting your baby up to have a healthy digestion as they grow.

"Every medical tradition recognizes the importance of early childhood health and wellness, and the far-reaching, long-lasting effects it has on the lifetime of the child. When we see to a child's digestion in her early years, we set her up for a lifetime of healthier digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nourishment. We see fewer allergies, less asthma, and happier babies, children, and the adults they grow into. Dr. Tansy Briggs's decades of practice have yielded a practical gem of a book that is so needed and so important. I would recommend this as required reading for all new parents. And that is saying something, since we know how little time new parents have."
—Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western

After reading this guide, you will:

  • Understand how warm digestion can affect breastfeeding and heal your body postpartum
  • Be able to transition your baby to solid foods while recognizing why warm digestion is important
  • Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy digestion and resilient health
  • Discover how to cook your baby’s food and keep their digestion warm
  • Positively affect conditions like colic, reflux, bloating, irregular bowel movements, teething, sleeping, and more