If you are a patient of Tansy's at The Healing Arts Center - Please note:

Due to Covid-19 (also known as coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) in person appointments require a pre-screening health check before coming in for acupuncture appointments.  This can now be done via online consent and disclosure statement.

You can book appointments online for:  Acupuncture, Telemedicine,  Fertility Navigation, Herb Consultations  HERE.

To keep better track of Virtual Acupuncture Appointments, Please Call the office to book.

Current Schedule (as of June 2021)

Acupuncture (by appointment and pre-screening required)

Available Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays and every other Saturday.

Telehealth - Book Online

Telemedicine, Virtual Acupuncture, Fertility Navigation & Herb Consultations available Wednesday.


Questions? email: info@tansybriggs.com


What Appointment is best for Me?


  • I have a condition that acupuncture helps.  I also do NOT have a respiratory illness of any type.  I know that I will be pre-screened before I can come in for treatment and I will wear a mask to my appointment and follow clean practices.



  • I have an issue that can be addressed via telemedicine.
  • I have a respiratory illness whether I have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or not.


Virtual Acupuncture:

  • It's more convenient for me.
  • I have a respiratory or contagious illness and can't come to the clinic right now.



Appointments in Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia

Acupuncture & Telehealth with Tansy at The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia in Center City and Bryn Mawr, PA

The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia
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healing arts center

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 
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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and every other Saturday
The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr
937 Haverford Rd. Suite 101, Bryn Mawr
Center City, Pennsylvania 
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Currently unavailable
The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia
123 Chestnut Street #204, Philadelphia

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The Healing Arts Center of Philadelphia
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