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A customized lifestyle medicine program to improve your health.

Stop guessing about what you can do to feel better.

Move toward better health with expert support and guidance. Dr. Briggs custom designs your program based on your health and your goals.  With weekly direct online support discussing food, feelings and health, you can make real progress.  It is like Dr. Briggs is there in your kitchen cabinets with you!  After the customized program, Dr. Briggs builds a maintenance program for you for ongoing lifelong health.


Reclaim your health and build a foundation for lifelong health.

The Key to a Healthy Digestion

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5 Pillars of Health

Foundations for Lifelong Wellness

Build a foundation for lifelong health with a specialized, lifestyle medicine program. Programs range from 4-12 weeks in length depending on each individual's needs.






Reclaim Your Health with Expert Virtual Support

You’re not stuck with the health you have!

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Reclaim You Health

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